Thursday, November 25, 2010

OPI Topcoat

I hear a lot of people say that they don't like to paint their nails because the polish chips too quickly. Well I have found the solution to this problem once and for all! As you may have noticed I am a fan of OPI colors. So when I was in my local beauty supply store buying a new color I spied a sign that said if I bought two regular colors I could get the topcoat for free. So I decided to give the topcoat a try. It was free after all.

As soon as I got home I painted my nails and put the topcoat over the polish. Well after 7 days there was not a chip off of my manicure! Isn't that wonderful?! Seven days, no chips! Needless, to say I suggest OPI for all of your topcoat needs!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Secretariat

I could really begin and end this review with "do you want to see a feel good movie that will have you smiling when you leave the theatre? yes? Ok, go see this movie!" But that would be lazy and I really like to share my opinions more than that.

The wonderful people at Disney and Blogher gave me tickets to the advanced screening of The Secretariat. I was excited to go being a huge fan of Disney movies in the past and also, a huge fan of animals in general. I wasn't quite sure what to expect of the movie but I knew how it ended thanks to a neuroscience teacher in undergrad that was obsessed with horses. That is neither here nor there. The movie is heartwarming in one of the best ways possible, in that honors the power of hope and persistence. Not to get on a soap box, ok maybe I do, but these days you don't see that too often. A lot of times bad behavior is honored more than things that would restore our faith in each other. This is probably the reason why most people know more about Lindsay Lohan than the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner. I have a feeling I may be getting carried away.

In a world where sensationalism and shocking behavior reigns supreme it was refreshing and heart warming to see a movie that you could bring the whole family to, or in my case, enjoy with your boyfriend on an impromptu date night. The Secretariat was charmingly funny and uplifting. And here's a warning, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the races, meaning you just might find yourself cheering and clapping as though your cheers help the horse run faster...not that I am naming any names...(ok ok I totally did this)

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Giveaway of All Giveaways!

Welcome to my blogoversary give away!! I won't keep you waiting, here are the wonderful prizes you can win!!

The first, not one, but two, items are from the Etsy shop "Pinned Up"
I love these hair pins because they are a simple way to add a personal touch to any simple outfit. I actually own this next one and I think it is super cute!
This next item is the Goa Pendant Necklace from Stella & Dot.
You all know how I love me some Stella & Dot!
This next item comes from the good folks at Nintendo (it pays to read a blogger that is a Nintendo brand ambassidor doesn't it?) It is the Pic Cross 3D game for the Nintendo DS! This game is quite fun if I do say so myself.
What's that you say? You don't own a Nintendo DS? Oh that is rather unfortunate. I'm sorry. You will probably have to give the game away to someone that has a Nintendo DS.
I wouldn't do that to you.
I am giving you a Nintendo DS XL.
Yes, really.
Just look!
This isn't your mama's DS, it is the XL which means the screen is 93% bigger than a regular DS!

So how can you enter?
*You can leave a comment at
*You can tweet about this giveaway and leave a link to said tweet on
*You can blog about this giveaway and then comment me with the link.
*You can refer a friend and when your friend enters by leaving a comment they have to say you referred them-this will get you each an extra entry.
The giveaway will end on Friday, August 27th.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stella And Dot Jewelry

I love me some jewelry, really though, when in doubt jewelry is the perfect gift for me. I love the way it sparkles and shows parts of your personality that your clothing just can't. So when my friend Elizabeth said that she became a Stella and Dot Stylist it was like the heavens opened up and angels sang on my behalf-at that moment I had found my jewelry dealer. She had the good stuff at good prices and unlike drugs, a jewelry addiction is socially acceptable! WIN WIN FOLKS!

I went to a trunk show at her house and I couldn't stop touching the stuff. It was pretty and so well made! However, said trunk show was a couple months ago when I wasn't really making much money-so jewelry had to wait. Stupid bills. So that meant I had to walk away from the show sans jewelry.
Sad Sassy.

Well, Elizabeth contacted me recently and said that she would be willing to give me a piece of jewelry of my choosing to review. Holla at your jewelry lover! I seriously ordered the necklace um, maybe 2 days ago and it arrived in my mail box today!

And look at the packaging!

I instantly put the cute necklace on and just knew it had found a forever home with me. It is such good quality. Ya know how some catalogue jewelry looks like it came from a gumball machine? Not Stella & Dot Jewelry, no siree bob. This is the good stuff!
(Please ignore my scraggly hair and just keep your eyes on the necklace. Thank You.)

If you are interested in checking out some great jewelry at equally as great prices go here. Go here now. And if you are located in California, the Bay Area more specifically and want Elizabeth to host a trunk show for you contact her here!

100% Pure

I picked up this awesome lotion, 100% Pure, in Truckee on our way home from Tahoe. The lavender scent makes me super excited to put it on everyday. But what is more exciting that this lotion really is 100% Pure. For instance, this is a completely vegan lotion, meaning no animal products and no animal testing whatsoever!

I bet you didn't know that 60% of things absorbed through the skin (like lotions) end up in your blood stream. I didn't know that before perusing the 100% Pure website. That fact really scares me-think of all the chemicals that end up in your bloodstream! Well I don't have to worry about that with 100% Pure-no chemicals AT ALL! Best thing is I can read and know what ALL of the ingredients are!

I love supporting companies like 100% Pure because it is about time we start putting all natural products in the forefront of our consumer consciousness; it is best for the environment and our bodies!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chivalry Delivery

*Full disclosure, I am totally biased in this review. Chivalry Delivery is my boyfriend Jon's brainchild. However, I think it is a great idea so I decided to share it with you!

I love getting flowers. I mean that isn't unique, most ladies enjoy getting flowers on anniversaries, birthdays and other such occasions. But you know what I love more than getting flowers on special occasions? I love getting them randomly.

Jon, being the smart guy he is, noticed this and decided to not only randomly surprise me with flowers more often but to start a business that helps others do the same thing. And that is how Chivalry Delivery was born! Basically if a guy (or gal) wants to surprise their significant other with flowers all they have to do is go to Chivalry Delivery, enter their info and just like that the person they love will receive flowers randomly once a month! No headache for the giver, just pure appreciation from the receiver!

The best part is that the flowers can be delivered to your love's office or home. It's really fun for your lady to be able to share her excitement with office mates-and when they ask the reason for your surprise, she will answer with "oh no reason, just 'cause!" Talk about scoring some easy points!

Another great thing about Chivalry Delivery is that you aren't limited to sending flowers to your luvah, but you can also send flowers to your family and friends, like your mom that lives across the country. The perfect way to let them know that even though distance and time are standing between you both, they are never far from your thoughts.

And the best part is that there isn't any obligation, you can pay month to month! Like I said, I am biased because this is my boyfriend Jon's business but I really do think this is a great idea! So go visit Chivalry Delivery today!

CoverGirl Tru Blend

I really hate doing bad reviews. I would much rather tell you about how excited I am over a product- really that is much more thrilling for me. But I suppose it is more responsible of me to show you guys both sides.

Well that brings me to today's review for CoverGirl Tru Blend powder and liquid makeup. I'll cut right to the chase, the liquid makeup stinks, not figuratively, but literally stinks. A few days after using the makeup I noticed that I randomly smelled a musty, dusty, grossness. I looked around the apartment wondering if something was molding. But then I realized that I smelled this gross smell right after I put on my makeup. It was my face that smelled gross because of my makeup. Nasty. Aside from the smell it just didn't feel good on my face and it didn't spread easily. Two thumbs down.

The powder did work better. It went on easily made me look less greasy, so that is something. But the container is ridiculous. The brush is too wide to put in the container to get the powder. Seriously, it is a lot of work to put on your make up. Ergonomically it is a fail, but the powder does work if you are able to get it out of the bottle.

ahh that felt good to get off my chest. Hope it is helpful.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

LuShae Jewelry

It isn't a big secret that I love a good piece of jewelry, I am a predictable girl in that sense. Needless to say, when Sarah from LuShae Jewelry told me that I was privy to a free piece of jewelry so that I could review the purchasing process from start to finish, I was besides myself with giddiness! Earrings, necklaces, rings, OH MY!

I rapidly perused their site and had a very difficult time deciding which little treat I was going to make mine. For a good solid chunk of time I was set on bringing home a beautiful pair of earrings, seriously they were so cute! But ultimately I decided on this versatile ring. The site was very easy to navigate and even easier to place an order on. I did however have some trouble seeing some of the details of the jewelry because everything was up against a white background, but this could be my wonky eyes. It might be nice to have the jewelry pictured on models so the shopper could get a good feel for how the jewelry looks on. But other than those things, the sight was rock solid.

My ring was delivered to me quickly, which is a good thing, don't make this girl wait for her jewelry. Just don't. My ring also came in a really cute blue box that made it feel like I was giving myself a gift, "oh self you shouldn't have"
The ring is great quality and I feel confident wearing it during the day and when I go out at night. My experience with LuShae Jewelry was nothing but enjoyable!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winner of the Skin MD Natural Lotion!

We have a winner!!!
Random number between 1 and 102
Blogger SS said...

i am always on the lookout for the perfect lotion. i have a thyroid disease and so my skin is "winter dry" all year round. sometimes it gets so dry i get scaly little patches in the most inappropriate places (like on my face you sickos) so it's really important for me to have a lotion that moisturizes beneath the top layer of skin.

i always put lotion (or oil) on directly out of the shower and then before bed, and multiple times throughout the day; i put lotion on whenever i notice drying or cracking. my husband is annoyed with the abundance of lotion bottles in the car, on my night stand, in the bathroom, in the living room, etc. but until i find a lotion that can keep up with my needs you will find a bottle everywhere you look in my house.

(ooh, i love that Skin MD is unscented!)

and to carly ^^ my pup is forever licking lotion off of me too. that can't be healthy, eh?

February 9, 2010 10:37 AM

Congratulations SS, send me your mailing info at!! And thank you all for entering!!

And P.S. Frank, my dog, is ALWAYS licking off my lotion. That's ok right?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Skin MD Natural Lotion

I was contacted by a rep from Natural Skin Care Products a couple of weeks ago and he wanted to know if I would be interested in testing their Skin MD Natural Lotion. Well it took me about two seconds before I replied with "heck yes I am a lotion junkie!" And that is the honest truth, I am always looking for a new lotion to try. I carry a bottle in my purse, put some on after a shower, after I wash my hands 'cause gah soap is so drying, and I need to apply lotion before I read (seriously) because I can't stand the feel of dry pages on dry hands. Get the picture? I get cranky if my skin feels dry. An odd pet peeve but very real.

My bottle of Skin MD natural lotion arrived and I ripped into the box and pulled out the bottle and instantly slathered some on because oye, that whole box ripping interlude made my hands feel dry. I was instantley taken aback by the fact that the lotion was really thin. I'm not going to lie, I found the thinness of the lotion disconcerting at first. I am accustomed to lotion that leaves me feeling so slathered that I feel as though I could slither my way through a key hole if need be.

But as I used the lotion for the next couple days I began to love the feel of the lotion on my skin, I no longer felt like a buttered turkey, the lotion felt like it was part of my skin and my skin in turn felt silky. I was in love. I then inspected the bottle to see what exactly I was falling in love with and was pleased as punch to see that I could not only pronounce the ingredients, but I was familiar with them, like take for example aloe-yeah friendly little fix all, aloe is in the lotion. Ok ok, I am gushing I will stop, after this one more thing, it doesn't have a scent, which is awesome because I don't have to worry about my lotion and perfume scent clashing.

Sigh, its love.

And guess what? You can win your own bottle of this awesome lotion! Just leave a comment below with your odd lotion applying habits (like how I must apply lotion before reading books etc) or other ways in which you care for your skin that might be out of the ordinary. I will post a winner next Monday February 15th!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Durable Dog Toys

My bulldog Frank loves a good toy. He is so playful and his jaw is REALLY strong-this can be a dangerous combo to weak toys. See...
Dog toys can range in price, anywhere from 99 cents to $25 yes, really. I don't necessarily think that expensive means better, actually I quite like it when the toys are cheap. That being said, I am willing to pay a little more for toys that last for a while.

This first toy is called the "JW Pet Good Cuz/Bad Cuz Dog Toy". Frank has the biggest yellow one, the "good cuz". This is far and away one of his favorite dog toys ever. It makes a squeaking noise that doesn't make me crazy but still makes him jazzed to play with it. It is made of a tough rubber material that makes it resistant to consistent squeaking and also enables it to bounce pretty high too. Frank has had this toy for 9 months and he cannot get enough and the toy keeps performing without breaking.
While browsing at our local Petsmart Frank spotted this next toy. It is called the Jolly Ball and it is the combination of a tug rope and a large hard (very hard) rubber ball. It is like the best of both worlds for your playful pup. Frank loves to play with this toy with his friends at the dog park but he also loves to bat it around/chew on it by himself. He did chew the rope in half after a month but he still really enjoys playing with the ball on its own.
Are there any toys that your dog can't get enough of?

Dove "Go Fresh Therapy" Shampoo and Conditioner

My hair and I don't get along all that well. You see I would appreciate a little cooperation from my hair; a little softy, silky, Anne Hathaway from my hair. Instead I get hard to manage, poofy as all get out, Halloween store wig. I have tried many different shampoos, leave in conditioners, and still I get the same result. So after a while I just stopped trying, I chopped my hair to the shortest length I have ever had it and just bought any ole shampoo and conditioner; I had given in to the idea that my hair was a lost cause.

While shopping at my local Target I perused the shampoo aisle and chose the one that smelled the best-it happened to be Dove's "Go Fresh Therapy". I decided to buy it because Dove products have never let me down in the past and they are all about spreading the word about positive body image to young girls-win win!

Well I tried the shampoo/conditioner duo and was pleasantly surprised that my hair actually started to look, wait for it... shiny and pretty!! I thought it was a fluke so I kept using the shampoo and conditioner. But time and time again it kept performing, so much so that I actually started to grow my hair longer. It has been about three months that I have been using Dove, "Go Fresh Therapy" and I am still pleased as punch. You guys, I have PRINCESS HAIR!!
I cannot sing the praises of Dove enough!!

The only thing that would make me want to skip on down to city hall with my shampoo and conditioner and marry it would be if it got rid of my dandruff. While the Dove shampoo doesn't aggravate my dandruff or make it worse, it just kinda makes it a little less offensive. So all that means is that I have to keep on top of my hair washing and wash it as soon as I see the first signs of dandruff (the dirtier my hair is the less shy my dandruff is).

I absolutely recommend this product! Upon searching for images of the bottles I also found out that there is a whole line of body sprays and deodorant to go with the shampoo and conditioner. Seeing as I am SO PLEASED with the shampoo and conditioner I will totally try the other ones out too!

*Photo credit here