Thursday, October 30, 2008

Honey Lust by Mac

I am not really a make-up girl. Growing up as a dancer I was slathered in makeup from a very young age so I didn't ever have that pubescent urge to put on make-up during my off time because I had been doing it for shows for years already.

This can prove to be a little tricky for adult Sarah because I can't really get away with walking into work without a stitch of makeup on. People might think I was sick or something. My day to day makeup routine is very simple with very few bells and whistles.

When my friend Serina suggested I buy MAC eye shadow in the color called "Honey Lust" I was skeptical. I usually bought my eyeshadow at the local drugstore or Target. But I bought it anyway and tried it out the next day.

To my pleasant surprise the Honey Lust was the perfect addition to my make-up regimen. I love the way the flecks of gold are picked up in the light making me look all goddessy. It works great as a highlight to other eyeshadow or on it's own for a summery look.I appreciated the fact that I didn't have to reapply, because if I did I wouldn't have done it anyway. But most of all I love Honey Lust because it is the perfect color to go with any outfit; if I am feeling lazy I just whip on some of this eye shadow and I am ready to go!
As you can tell I recommend this eyeshadow!
You can get it here for $14.50

Monday, October 27, 2008

Spicy Red Kitchen Grips Oven Mitts

So I have a little issue with obsessing over decisions that really don't matter.

Picking out an oven mitt was one of those things that don't matter that kept me standing in the oven mitt section for somewhere around 35 minutes. 

I am trying to get better at this but you see it's hard especially when it is your first apartment and you want everything, including the oven mitt to be just right...well at least it was hard for me.

Moving on. 

I knew that I wanted a red mitt because that was my chosen  "color scheme" for the kitchen. I also knew that I did not want the olden timey cloth mitt because it just didn't seem safe.

So I settled on the Spicy Red Kitchen Grips oven mitts. I liked it because one side is made of black grippy rubber and the other side is like wet suit material. 

(Excuse my messy mitt, they obviously get used a lot)

Once I got them home I loved using these oven mitts because they covered my wrist so I wouldn't have to worry about things splashing on my arms. Splashing also wasn't a problem because they are water resistant as well! The  black grip side proved to be very helpful for not only grabbing hot stuff, but for opening stubborn jars etc. I have had them for about nine months and they are in heavy rotation at our house.

The downside to these oven mitts is that they lack finger dexterity because the material can be a bit rigid. This cumbersome material proves to be a problem when you are trying to grab a pan or pot by the handles because it can be hard to fit the finger area in the handle.  Another down side to these mitts are that the two different materials are stitched together and if you grab something at the wrong angle the stitching can separate slightly and burn the fingers behind the stitching. I had this happen once and it was a very unpleasant surprise!

Overall I do enjoy these Mitts regardless of the negatives. Even though the Kitchen Grips do have some down sides, their upsides make up for it all.

You can find them here or at your local Bed Bath and Beyond
They are $30 for two mitts.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Shopaholic By Sophie Kinsella

When I went on my trip to Memphis I wanted something fun to read that would keep my attention on a five hour flight.  I had heard some good things about the Shopaholic series and I had seen some previews for the movie coming out and I was intrigued.

Shopping is one of my all time favorite past times so I was excited to read about the story of Rebecca Bloomwood, self proclaimed Shopaholic.

The book starts out as many "chick lit" books start out. You get to know the character, flaws and all. The book doesn't skip a beat in explaining how deep of a hole Rebecca Bloomwood's shopping obsession has gotten her in.  She can't avoid a sale, fabrics, price tags and credit card balances fill her thoughts when she should be have her mind on her work. Oh and get this she works at a finance magazine!

Rebecca is a loveable character but she becomes increasingly frustrating when she can't stay out of her own way when it comes to controlling her finances.  If Rebecca should go left, she goes right; time after time. While these frustrating fiascos can get a little old, the ending of the book will make all right in the world.

If you are looking for a well written, easy read, this is the book for you!

Rating: Peach

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The iphone

Dearest iphone,

I just thought I should let you and everyone else know how much I love you. I am not afraid to show it either.

You go above and beyond the role of a normal phone. I don't know how I ever managed with my old Razr cell phone.

I love how if Jon has  a mathematical question as we drift off to sleep (which has actually happened), I can grab you off the night stand and find out the answer in no time flat using your handy dandy calculator.

I love how when I am getting dressed in the morning how I can press your weather button and instantly know the weather forecast, therefore knowing what to wear for that day.

I appreciate how my calendar is at the touch of a button and you sync with my computer. Oh the simplicity of it all.

Your camera takes surprisingly great photos for a camera on a cell phone; but that's just it, you aren't your average phone you are so much more!

Because of you I can twitter at all hours and not need access to a computer. I can write down a quick note when I don't have a pen or paper handy. I can even find a great restaurant within my price range with a shake of your "urban spoon" application. And iphone you can always show me exactly where I am and how to get home when I am lost thanks to your GPS feature.

Oh iphone, you are so much more than a phone; you are a technological wonder that lives up to the hype. I would recommend you to anyone that is intrigued by your powers.