Saturday, January 16, 2010

Durable Dog Toys

My bulldog Frank loves a good toy. He is so playful and his jaw is REALLY strong-this can be a dangerous combo to weak toys. See...
Dog toys can range in price, anywhere from 99 cents to $25 yes, really. I don't necessarily think that expensive means better, actually I quite like it when the toys are cheap. That being said, I am willing to pay a little more for toys that last for a while.

This first toy is called the "JW Pet Good Cuz/Bad Cuz Dog Toy". Frank has the biggest yellow one, the "good cuz". This is far and away one of his favorite dog toys ever. It makes a squeaking noise that doesn't make me crazy but still makes him jazzed to play with it. It is made of a tough rubber material that makes it resistant to consistent squeaking and also enables it to bounce pretty high too. Frank has had this toy for 9 months and he cannot get enough and the toy keeps performing without breaking.
While browsing at our local Petsmart Frank spotted this next toy. It is called the Jolly Ball and it is the combination of a tug rope and a large hard (very hard) rubber ball. It is like the best of both worlds for your playful pup. Frank loves to play with this toy with his friends at the dog park but he also loves to bat it around/chew on it by himself. He did chew the rope in half after a month but he still really enjoys playing with the ball on its own.
Are there any toys that your dog can't get enough of?

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Durable Dog Toys said...

There are so many toys out there are the durable and your dog won't be able to destroy.

Here are some good ones-

West Paw Design Toys

GoDog Puppy Tough Balls

These toys are made with certain "technologies" that make them stronger than most dog toys. While they are more expensive, they will last longer than most plush toys, so they are not as expensive in the long run!