Thursday, November 6, 2008

OPI Nail Polish, Excuse Me I Mean Nail Lacquer

Lately I have been obsessed with painting my nails. It's like I don't feel fully dressed without some nail polish. I went for a manicure a while ago and they used OPI nail laquer, a color called "Aphordite's Pink Nightie". I really liked the way the color popped on my nails and how thick the color went on, oh and the cute name didn't hurt either ;)I went for another manicure months later (I don't get manicure's very often) and I chose another color called "Tropical Punch". This color too went on thick and vibrant-this is when I decided to invest in some OPI polishes myself.

I have
Big Apple Red
Magala Wine
Tropical Punch
The less than desirable thing about OPI polishes is that they are a little hard to find. If you know of a local salon that sells the polishes then you are in luck; if not you might be searching for a little bit. Luckily there is a great OPI vendor locator on their site (you can access it here)
One other thing that I wish was different about hte OPI polishes is that they have an "extra wide brush" Which I think is something they pride themselves on but I think it makes it a little tricky to paint your nails with.

But other than that I absolutely recommend OPI nail lacquers. Whether it is the gorgeous colors, their quirky names or the great price ($8-which may seem like a lot but the lacquer is a very high quality), you can't go wrong!


Zelda said...

Oh I love OPI. My fav right now is called "OH...To Be 25 Again!"

sarah marie p said...

Love all the colors you own! Now I want some more OPI polishes!

Sara McGinness said...

Sephora just started carrying OPI, its called Sephora by OPI or the other way around...either way, they still have the great names and I love the handle. I was very impressed. Just thought I'd share cause I felt the same frustration because I only wear Lincoln Park after Dark on my toes (its a really dark purple) but its so hard to find OPI anywhere.