Thursday, February 25, 2010

LuShae Jewelry

It isn't a big secret that I love a good piece of jewelry, I am a predictable girl in that sense. Needless to say, when Sarah from LuShae Jewelry told me that I was privy to a free piece of jewelry so that I could review the purchasing process from start to finish, I was besides myself with giddiness! Earrings, necklaces, rings, OH MY!

I rapidly perused their site and had a very difficult time deciding which little treat I was going to make mine. For a good solid chunk of time I was set on bringing home a beautiful pair of earrings, seriously they were so cute! But ultimately I decided on this versatile ring. The site was very easy to navigate and even easier to place an order on. I did however have some trouble seeing some of the details of the jewelry because everything was up against a white background, but this could be my wonky eyes. It might be nice to have the jewelry pictured on models so the shopper could get a good feel for how the jewelry looks on. But other than those things, the sight was rock solid.

My ring was delivered to me quickly, which is a good thing, don't make this girl wait for her jewelry. Just don't. My ring also came in a really cute blue box that made it feel like I was giving myself a gift, "oh self you shouldn't have"
The ring is great quality and I feel confident wearing it during the day and when I go out at night. My experience with LuShae Jewelry was nothing but enjoyable!