Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anything Ken Can Do, Barbie Can Do Better!

Growing up I had a plethora of Barbies, I went to the Barbie Museum in California, and had drove around the neighborhood in my Power Wheels Barbie Corvette (Oh how I wish I could still fit in it). I loved Barbie and I had many reasons for doing so. My main reason for being a Barbie girl was the hope she instilled in my young mind, with Barbie as a role model I could be anything. I would walk down the Barbie isle in amazement as she would don a space suit, a veterinarian's lab coat or look stunning in floor length ball gown. Barbie was an example to me and other girls, that you could be feminine and smart and pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. And while Ken was a part of the picture, he wasn't the entire picture. The emphasis wasn't on him, it was on Barbie and her dreams. That's such a wonderful message for 11.5 inches of doll dontcha think?

Even though my Barbie days are far behind me, she is still inspiring young girls. In fact, this year is Barbie's 50th Anniversary of inspiring fun and dreams. There are numerous celebrations taking place to honor this blonde icon; Stila is getting All Doll'd up with their new line of "Barbie loves Stila" cosmetic collection, Mercedes Benz is sponsoring a Barbie fashion show at New York's fashion week and, get this, a REAL Barbie Dream House is being built in Malibu and Barbie's birthday party will be held there (the little girl in me is squealing with delight!). To get in on the Barbie fun check out Blogher for more special offers!

For more info on Barbie's 50th Anniversary Celebration you can visit Barbie's All Doll'd Up blog (, it's the place to celebrate fifty years of fun, fashion and friends. Read about everything from the most talked about runway moments, hottest parties, chicest trends and more. Check out exclusive video content, photo galleries and all the latest must-have goodies! Become a Barbie fan on Facebook ( for even more of the hottest buzz surrounding Barbie's 50th - and follow Barbie's tweets at (

What is your favorite Barbie memory?