Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chivalry Delivery

*Full disclosure, I am totally biased in this review. Chivalry Delivery is my boyfriend Jon's brainchild. However, I think it is a great idea so I decided to share it with you!

I love getting flowers. I mean that isn't unique, most ladies enjoy getting flowers on anniversaries, birthdays and other such occasions. But you know what I love more than getting flowers on special occasions? I love getting them randomly.

Jon, being the smart guy he is, noticed this and decided to not only randomly surprise me with flowers more often but to start a business that helps others do the same thing. And that is how Chivalry Delivery was born! Basically if a guy (or gal) wants to surprise their significant other with flowers all they have to do is go to Chivalry Delivery, enter their info and just like that the person they love will receive flowers randomly once a month! No headache for the giver, just pure appreciation from the receiver!

The best part is that the flowers can be delivered to your love's office or home. It's really fun for your lady to be able to share her excitement with office mates-and when they ask the reason for your surprise, she will answer with "oh no reason, just 'cause!" Talk about scoring some easy points!

Another great thing about Chivalry Delivery is that you aren't limited to sending flowers to your luvah, but you can also send flowers to your family and friends, like your mom that lives across the country. The perfect way to let them know that even though distance and time are standing between you both, they are never far from your thoughts.

And the best part is that there isn't any obligation, you can pay month to month! Like I said, I am biased because this is my boyfriend Jon's business but I really do think this is a great idea! So go visit Chivalry Delivery today!

CoverGirl Tru Blend

I really hate doing bad reviews. I would much rather tell you about how excited I am over a product- really that is much more thrilling for me. But I suppose it is more responsible of me to show you guys both sides.

Well that brings me to today's review for CoverGirl Tru Blend powder and liquid makeup. I'll cut right to the chase, the liquid makeup stinks, not figuratively, but literally stinks. A few days after using the makeup I noticed that I randomly smelled a musty, dusty, grossness. I looked around the apartment wondering if something was molding. But then I realized that I smelled this gross smell right after I put on my makeup. It was my face that smelled gross because of my makeup. Nasty. Aside from the smell it just didn't feel good on my face and it didn't spread easily. Two thumbs down.

The powder did work better. It went on easily made me look less greasy, so that is something. But the container is ridiculous. The brush is too wide to put in the container to get the powder. Seriously, it is a lot of work to put on your make up. Ergonomically it is a fail, but the powder does work if you are able to get it out of the bottle.

ahh that felt good to get off my chest. Hope it is helpful.