Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stella And Dot Jewelry

I love me some jewelry, really though, when in doubt jewelry is the perfect gift for me. I love the way it sparkles and shows parts of your personality that your clothing just can't. So when my friend Elizabeth said that she became a Stella and Dot Stylist it was like the heavens opened up and angels sang on my behalf-at that moment I had found my jewelry dealer. She had the good stuff at good prices and unlike drugs, a jewelry addiction is socially acceptable! WIN WIN FOLKS!

I went to a trunk show at her house and I couldn't stop touching the stuff. It was pretty and so well made! However, said trunk show was a couple months ago when I wasn't really making much money-so jewelry had to wait. Stupid bills. So that meant I had to walk away from the show sans jewelry.
Sad Sassy.

Well, Elizabeth contacted me recently and said that she would be willing to give me a piece of jewelry of my choosing to review. Holla at your jewelry lover! I seriously ordered the necklace um, maybe 2 days ago and it arrived in my mail box today!

And look at the packaging!

I instantly put the cute necklace on and just knew it had found a forever home with me. It is such good quality. Ya know how some catalogue jewelry looks like it came from a gumball machine? Not Stella & Dot Jewelry, no siree bob. This is the good stuff!
(Please ignore my scraggly hair and just keep your eyes on the necklace. Thank You.)

If you are interested in checking out some great jewelry at equally as great prices go here. Go here now. And if you are located in California, the Bay Area more specifically and want Elizabeth to host a trunk show for you contact her here!

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