Thursday, August 5, 2010

100% Pure

I picked up this awesome lotion, 100% Pure, in Truckee on our way home from Tahoe. The lavender scent makes me super excited to put it on everyday. But what is more exciting that this lotion really is 100% Pure. For instance, this is a completely vegan lotion, meaning no animal products and no animal testing whatsoever!

I bet you didn't know that 60% of things absorbed through the skin (like lotions) end up in your blood stream. I didn't know that before perusing the 100% Pure website. That fact really scares me-think of all the chemicals that end up in your bloodstream! Well I don't have to worry about that with 100% Pure-no chemicals AT ALL! Best thing is I can read and know what ALL of the ingredients are!

I love supporting companies like 100% Pure because it is about time we start putting all natural products in the forefront of our consumer consciousness; it is best for the environment and our bodies!

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caitlyn said...

you would really like they talk about all the harsh chemicals and recommend safe beauty products. i had no idea until i started watching all of their videos. now i read labels all the time. p.s. that lotion looks yummy :)