Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dove "Go Fresh Therapy" Shampoo and Conditioner

My hair and I don't get along all that well. You see I would appreciate a little cooperation from my hair; a little softy, silky, Anne Hathaway from my hair. Instead I get hard to manage, poofy as all get out, Halloween store wig. I have tried many different shampoos, leave in conditioners, and still I get the same result. So after a while I just stopped trying, I chopped my hair to the shortest length I have ever had it and just bought any ole shampoo and conditioner; I had given in to the idea that my hair was a lost cause.

While shopping at my local Target I perused the shampoo aisle and chose the one that smelled the best-it happened to be Dove's "Go Fresh Therapy". I decided to buy it because Dove products have never let me down in the past and they are all about spreading the word about positive body image to young girls-win win!

Well I tried the shampoo/conditioner duo and was pleasantly surprised that my hair actually started to look, wait for it... shiny and pretty!! I thought it was a fluke so I kept using the shampoo and conditioner. But time and time again it kept performing, so much so that I actually started to grow my hair longer. It has been about three months that I have been using Dove, "Go Fresh Therapy" and I am still pleased as punch. You guys, I have PRINCESS HAIR!!
I cannot sing the praises of Dove enough!!

The only thing that would make me want to skip on down to city hall with my shampoo and conditioner and marry it would be if it got rid of my dandruff. While the Dove shampoo doesn't aggravate my dandruff or make it worse, it just kinda makes it a little less offensive. So all that means is that I have to keep on top of my hair washing and wash it as soon as I see the first signs of dandruff (the dirtier my hair is the less shy my dandruff is).

I absolutely recommend this product! Upon searching for images of the bottles I also found out that there is a whole line of body sprays and deodorant to go with the shampoo and conditioner. Seeing as I am SO PLEASED with the shampoo and conditioner I will totally try the other ones out too!

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