Friday, October 8, 2010

The Secretariat

I could really begin and end this review with "do you want to see a feel good movie that will have you smiling when you leave the theatre? yes? Ok, go see this movie!" But that would be lazy and I really like to share my opinions more than that.

The wonderful people at Disney and Blogher gave me tickets to the advanced screening of The Secretariat. I was excited to go being a huge fan of Disney movies in the past and also, a huge fan of animals in general. I wasn't quite sure what to expect of the movie but I knew how it ended thanks to a neuroscience teacher in undergrad that was obsessed with horses. That is neither here nor there. The movie is heartwarming in one of the best ways possible, in that honors the power of hope and persistence. Not to get on a soap box, ok maybe I do, but these days you don't see that too often. A lot of times bad behavior is honored more than things that would restore our faith in each other. This is probably the reason why most people know more about Lindsay Lohan than the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner. I have a feeling I may be getting carried away.

In a world where sensationalism and shocking behavior reigns supreme it was refreshing and heart warming to see a movie that you could bring the whole family to, or in my case, enjoy with your boyfriend on an impromptu date night. The Secretariat was charmingly funny and uplifting. And here's a warning, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the races, meaning you just might find yourself cheering and clapping as though your cheers help the horse run faster...not that I am naming any names...(ok ok I totally did this)

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