Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lululemon Align Ultra Mat

I am becoming quite the yoga enthusiast these days. After finding out that my first ever yoga mat was made with carcinogens I decided I needed to upgrade to a user/earth friendly mat. I decided on the Lululemon Align Ultra Mat. It was nice and lightweight and came in pretty colors so i decided to buy it.

The honeymoon phase with this mat did not last long at all. Midway through my first class with the mat it began to twist and bunch beneath my feet while I was in the warrior poses. Talk about frustrating! I decided to stick it out anyway and continue to use the align mat. Well after about two months of sticking it out I noticed that the textured "bumps" on the mat were flaking off leaving me with lime green (the color of my mat) bumps all over my yoga pants at the end of class.

The flaking got so bad that eventually I wore a hole in the mat where my feet go during downward dog! And this was after not even a year of use-more like 8 months!! So I must give the Lululemon Align Mat a big fat negative review. I do not recommend it, not even a little.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by to review the process of ordering a canvas print. I was pretty giddy because I have always wanted to try to put one of my pictures on a canvas.

I was pleasantly surprised at the ease at which I could naviagate their site. It sounds like a simple thing to appreciate but I cannot tell you how many times I go on a site to order something and the site is so complicated that I end up not ordering anything. So like I said, that was not the case with . Since I already had a print in mind I was in and out of the website in less than ten minutes! I could hardly believe it.

But if you are unsure of which picture you want to use they have a great section on their website called The Idea Gallery which shows you previous customer's orders and how they look in different places in the home. And the most important part? The prices are really reasonable AND is offering free shipping and 25% off all canvas!! I know it is awesome.

I am really happy with my canvas and I can't wait to hang it in our new home...wherever that may be.