Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stone Bath Mat

Jon and I saw this bath mat on the CB2 website. The mat is made of rocks "from the rivers of China" (a.k.a. from the Home Depot of Iowa) and on the website it is shown in a bathroom. I assumed that it would have some absorbent properties (like an absorbent pad below the rocks) due to the fact that it was, like I said, in a bathroom on the website.
Said mat:

When it arrived it was heavier than I expected...waaaay heavier. Also, when I opened the box there was a picture of the mat being used outside and no mention of it being an indoor product (but remember, that's how it was advertised)But I loved the way it looked in our bathroom, see:

Everyone worried it would be uncomfortable but truthfully it wasn't that bad, it felt like getting out of the shower and into a river. But it did not absorb-at all. After a few days of soaking our bathroom floor, Jon and I made the hard decision that the bath mat must go back.

The customer service rep was very accommodating to us. We should get a full refund-in 1 to 2 months. I am still a little apprehensive about sending it back because it looks so very chic in the bathroom. But I guess form is supposed to follow function for a reason. I don't recommend this product for indoor use and I highly suggest that CB2 doesn't either.

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