Sunday, August 17, 2008

The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time

I thought I would get into the season and review a book of love letters. My friend Carrie gave this book to me because she knows that I am a hopeless sap when it comes to all things romantic.

I love this book because it shows a variety of love letters throughout history and from multiple sources. For example, there is a love letter from Mozart to his wife Constanze, President Regan to his wife Nancy, and even a fan letter to Elvis Presley from a young admirer. Each love letter is prefaced with a historical background of the writer and receivers of the love letters. If you are a history dork like myself, you will appreciate the historical background because it give you a fuller picture of the life and times of the lesser known lovers.

You have to admit it, romance (in the grand scheme of things) isn't what it used to be. I personally think that technology might have nudged out the old practice of writing doting love letters. Nowadays, you can "shoot an e-mail" to the one you adore whenever you feel; back then people would be separated by long distances for months at a time-therefore the letter had to really drive home the point of how much you love your spouse. Infact, the only downside I can forsee is that you might be tempted to look at your significant other with a sidways glance that says,"why don't you write sonnets to me like American General, George Custer?"

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