Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nars Blushes

I have a great product for today's Monday Review, powder blushes by NARS. I discovered these blushes while on vacation with my friend, Serina. Whenever I am on vacation/getting ready to go with friends, I ask them to do my make-up because I have the skills of an 8 year old when it comes to make-up. I mean I don't look like a disaster, but I am not as innovative as they are with a make up brush. So anyway back to the blushes.
The two blushes pictured below are Orgasm (left) (the name alone will make you blush) and Exhibit A (right).
Orgasm is a color that will work on anyone! I have seen this blush on fair skinned people, dark skinned people like myself, and many different hair colors and it looks amazing on everyone. Orgasm gives your cheek the "oh my gosh he's so cute and he's looking at me" blush. There are also a subtle gold sheen that brings out your inner goddess/sun worshiper. And I cannot stress it enough, this color looks amazing on all skin types!!

Exhibit A is a color that was recommended to me because I have somewhat darker skin. I am super conscious of the amount of sun that touches my face-I don't want to look like a leather bag by the time I hit my 30's. Anyway, even though I am the lighter side of dark, this blush is amazing. I had trouble finding a color similar to this one in powder form. Most blushes were in that solid stick, which usually ended up looking streaky or freakishly dark. But Exhibit A is a great color because it gives your skin the look of wind stung cheeks or that rosy glow that a workout would give you. Now I'm not sure but I think this color might be a little overwhelming for lighter skin tones.

The sleek and sophisticated packaging is a plus as well. No matter how dirty your makeup drawer/bag is (I know mine is), NARS products seem to class up the joint quite a bit. I am so pleased with NARS made blushes that I don't anticipate using any others for a while.I highly suggest these as gifts for the girl that has everything. I find that blush is highly over looked, but can make such a difference when the right one is selected. The only glitch is that at $25 each, they are somewhat expensive-but in my opinion, so very worth it. If you aren't in sticker shock click here to check out NARS and their collection of beautiful blushes.

Photo Credit: My Dad, he suggested the scenery to show off these lovely blushes-do I have the best Dad or what? Thanks Dad!

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