Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anthropolgie Mugs

Jon's mom gave us these charming cups for Christmas. Oddly enough, a week earlier Jon and I became enamored with these exact mugs at Anthropologie. In the store we admired how simple the designs were and yet the actual construction of the mug was so chic (I love me some chicness). When we unwrapped these mugs we were so excited to add these to our future cabinets (we had not yet moved). After boxes were packed and unpacked, these cups finally found their spot in our kitchen.

Not only do they look darling (and uhh, "masculine" for Jon's), they work really well too! When I asked Jon how his mug conducted heat and he told me that he drinks his coffee too fast to notice. But I can attest that my tea cup conducts heat very well. I have microwaved water in the cup and the handle was not hot to the touch when I went to take it out and it kept my tea warm. Another nice feature of both cups is that they are much bigger than usual coffee/tea cups but still maintain the style of the daintier cups. The coffee cup and the tea cup are also dishwasher safe. I definitely recommend both the coffee mug and the tea cup for a gift for someone else or for yourself. Here are some more "head shots" of each of the mugs.

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