Sunday, August 17, 2008

Robert Le Heros Personal Planners

I have been looking for the perfect daily planner for some time now and my search is over! This daily planner is designed by Robert Le Heros, made by Quo Vadis.
I was first attracted to this planner because of the pretty exterior. Most planners look a "little too business" for my style. I want the function of a strictly business planner but I didn't want it to look boring. The exterior is soft and "leathery" but as far as I know it is not made of leather. I love the silhouettes of the delicate flowers as well as the lady bug detail in the bottom lefthand corner. There is a bright orange elastic strap to make sure the planner stays shut which is handy because I throw the planner in my purse and back pack quite frequently.

The inside of the planner has seven days split between a two page spread. Each day is divided up by the hour which at first I thought it would be a little too detail oriented but now I love being able to assign a time to the various things I have to do throughout the week.

If you are looking for a planner that is both Sensible and Sassy ;) I highly recommend this planner!
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