Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The iphone

Dearest iphone,

I just thought I should let you and everyone else know how much I love you. I am not afraid to show it either.

You go above and beyond the role of a normal phone. I don't know how I ever managed with my old Razr cell phone.

I love how if Jon has  a mathematical question as we drift off to sleep (which has actually happened), I can grab you off the night stand and find out the answer in no time flat using your handy dandy calculator.

I love how when I am getting dressed in the morning how I can press your weather button and instantly know the weather forecast, therefore knowing what to wear for that day.

I appreciate how my calendar is at the touch of a button and you sync with my computer. Oh the simplicity of it all.

Your camera takes surprisingly great photos for a camera on a cell phone; but that's just it, you aren't your average phone you are so much more!

Because of you I can twitter at all hours and not need access to a computer. I can write down a quick note when I don't have a pen or paper handy. I can even find a great restaurant within my price range with a shake of your "urban spoon" application. And iphone you can always show me exactly where I am and how to get home when I am lost thanks to your GPS feature.

Oh iphone, you are so much more than a phone; you are a technological wonder that lives up to the hype. I would recommend you to anyone that is intrigued by your powers.


Julia said...

JANUARY we will be twinners. cannot wait.

sarah marie p said...

You and that iphone make QUITE a cute couple! I can see how much you love him/her!

TheBrokeSocialite said...

I LOVE my iPhone, too. Instant office!