Monday, October 27, 2008

Spicy Red Kitchen Grips Oven Mitts

So I have a little issue with obsessing over decisions that really don't matter.

Picking out an oven mitt was one of those things that don't matter that kept me standing in the oven mitt section for somewhere around 35 minutes. 

I am trying to get better at this but you see it's hard especially when it is your first apartment and you want everything, including the oven mitt to be just right...well at least it was hard for me.

Moving on. 

I knew that I wanted a red mitt because that was my chosen  "color scheme" for the kitchen. I also knew that I did not want the olden timey cloth mitt because it just didn't seem safe.

So I settled on the Spicy Red Kitchen Grips oven mitts. I liked it because one side is made of black grippy rubber and the other side is like wet suit material. 

(Excuse my messy mitt, they obviously get used a lot)

Once I got them home I loved using these oven mitts because they covered my wrist so I wouldn't have to worry about things splashing on my arms. Splashing also wasn't a problem because they are water resistant as well! The  black grip side proved to be very helpful for not only grabbing hot stuff, but for opening stubborn jars etc. I have had them for about nine months and they are in heavy rotation at our house.

The downside to these oven mitts is that they lack finger dexterity because the material can be a bit rigid. This cumbersome material proves to be a problem when you are trying to grab a pan or pot by the handles because it can be hard to fit the finger area in the handle.  Another down side to these mitts are that the two different materials are stitched together and if you grab something at the wrong angle the stitching can separate slightly and burn the fingers behind the stitching. I had this happen once and it was a very unpleasant surprise!

Overall I do enjoy these Mitts regardless of the negatives. Even though the Kitchen Grips do have some down sides, their upsides make up for it all.

You can find them here or at your local Bed Bath and Beyond
They are $30 for two mitts.


sarah marie p said...

I love that you stood in the oven mitt isle for 35 minutes -- because that is SO me. I have stood in the cleaning product isle obsessing over sponges or laundry detergents or disinfectant sprays time and time again. There's too many choices! Ahhh! Don't wanna mess up the decision. I sooo get where you're coming from. That oven mitt is quite hardcore -- it sounds pretty cool BUT I am kind of scared of the fact that there's a way to grab it incorrectly and burn your fingers behind the stitching! Ahh! Scary!

Ontheroad said...

I bought these in Woodstock, Vt a year plus ago--and love them.