Monday, September 29, 2008

Ocelo Sponges

There is nothing worse than a scummy, stinky sponge. In fact the smell of a nasty sponge is indescribable and oh so unique. As you can tell I hate that smell so I invested some time into finding a sponge that wouldn't make me gag. Picture me in the "sponge isle" in Target for a good fifteen minutes up to my elbows in sponges.

And then I found these:
The Ocelo sponges claimed to resist odors so I was wiling to try. At $2.49 for four sponges I was more than willing to give them a try. I put one by the sink, used it to clean off a bowl that wasn't dishwasher safe and some other odds and ends throughout the week. At the end of the week, when a normal sponge would be reeking, the ocelo sponge didn't smell at all! I kept the sponge in rotation for a couple more weeks and still, no stink!

Another thing I love about the sponges are that they are self drying. You just squeeze the excess water out of them when you are done and they are bone dry within a half hour.

As you can tell I recommend these sponges.
You can buy them here or at Target and there is a coupon for them here.


sarah marie p said...

Oooh! I def know what you mean about the stench of stinky kitchen sponges. GROSSSSS!! The grossest thing of all time! Now I really want to try out these sponges! They sound like little miracle workers. I think I've been buying the cute version of O-Cel-O sponges ... Hmm... I'm thinking the company should combine the cuteness with the no stinky factor! Then that would really be a miracle!

Elizabeth said...

This is a handy tip! I've neverrrrr had a problem with stinky sponges but my mom's sponges alllllllllllllways stink and it makes me CRAZY -- especially since she doesn't have a sense of smell so she can't tell and doesn't seem to care. I'm totally gonna get her some of these!