Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trident Layers Gum

When Trident contacted me and asked me to review their new Trident Layers gum I said "well why not?!", especially since they were going to be sending me free gum!

Who doesn't love free gum?

Well I eagerly awaited the arrival of my free gum and when it finally reached my mouth I was more than pleased.
Here are the top five reasons this gum tickled my taste buds:
1. You can chew it for a long while and it doesn't get hard or putty like.
2. The flavor is unique because of the creative flavor blends of orange and strawberry and pineapple and green apple. And you guys, "unique" is not code for gross, this stuff is gooood!
3. I feel like with gum you have to choose fresh breath or good flavor-you get both with Trident Layers!
4. The package has 14 pieces of gum...don't you feel like you never get enough of the yummy gum and too many of the junky, chemical tasting gums?
5. You can blow some pretty snappy bubbles with this sassy little gum.

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1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I tried these too! I paid for mine though, grrr.

I'd like to add:

1. They taste more like candy and less like gum so I had trouble not swallowing the red one.

1a. The red one makes me crave strawberry Mambo.

2. I gave away the last 13 pieces of the pink one so I didn't have high hopes for the green one but I do actually really like it.

3. The pieces are too big for me (but I chew half pieces anyway so my perception of "too big" is different from normal people) so I'll stick with my regular Trident flavors!