Thursday, November 5, 2009

Olay Thermal Pedicure

I have dancer's feet, tried and true. If you don't know what dancers feet are just picture toes bent over from being crammed in tiny little pointe shoes and calluses trying to defend the formerly soft skin of the foot. Scary picture huh? Well sadly my feet are dancer's feet and within the last couple months I have developed (deep breath) cracks in my heels. Noooooo!

I decided to poke around in my drawer of numerous products. I came across Olay Thermal Pedicure that my mom had put in my stocking for Christmas last year. Well I was so distraught from my new development of cracked heels that I whipped the cap off of the container.

Olay Thermal Pedicure claims to get rid of rough icky skin while a heated sensation makes your feet feel downright delicious (so maybe those aren't the words printed on the package). But guess what you guys? IT WORKS! I rubbed the lotion on my feet and was caught off guard by how well the heating agent works. It feels so good I could drool! And what is even better is that it got rid of my heel cracks!

Now I keep this secret weapon in my shower and use it any time my feet feel like a little spruce up is in order. I totally recommend this product!

-This Is NOT a paid review

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Miss Moneypenny said...

Oooh sounds good! Definitely a Christmas stocking stuffer!