Monday, November 3, 2008

Timbuk2 Laptop Bag

Before going to BlogHer in July I quickly realized that I needed a laptop bag to carry around my new computer. I wanted a something cute but functional and that is harder to find than you think. Jon directed me to the Timbuk2 website, where he bought a messenger bag a couple years back. I browsed the selections and found the Marina Computer Laptop Bag.

I loved it's unusual shape and flashy colors (I got yellow). It arrived less than a week after Jon ordered it for me. It was slightly more bulky than I had imagined but I still loved it. It had plenty of storage places and a safe little area for my laptop.
The inside of the bag is a soft, thick, felt like material. The bag has a pocket on the front that zips shut. The front pocket also has a cell phone holder and pen holders. You can fit quite a bit in this trendy little bag. The only negative thing about this bag is that the handles are very thin and made of strong material. Normally this wouldn't seem like a problem, however when the bag is filled completely the weight of the bag will pull the straps down onto the shoulder, thus digging the bag into your shoulder-ouch!

If you are interested in this bag you can find it here, and guess what it's 50% off!

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Beyonce said...

What a beautiful laptop bag… I just love it's color.