Monday, March 23, 2009

Earth Friendly Tumbler

When we last spoke about re-usable drink holders I was all about the Sigg. And to be honest, I still do love my Sigg but I needed an update on my drink holder for many reasons. The main reason being was that the Sigg became increasingly stinky with fewer and fewer uses between each wash, the next reason being was that I enjoy hot beverages and the Sigg was not hot beverage friendly.

So I figured that Starbuck's would have a nice array of tumblers that would be hot and cold drink friendly and I was right. I picked this lovely little 16 oz number.

I liked the look of it and the amount of beverage it could hold. Not only is it cute but it is made from 28% post consumer recycled content! And as a pat on the back there was a coupon for a free drink because I was saving the earth with my purchase. Also, when you bring in your cup to order a drink you get a discount (I think it is somewhere around 10 cents, but still a discount is a discount).
If you are interested you can get it here

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