Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Leaf Design

If you have been following my journey to the altar on my main blog, you have probably realized that the journey has been anything but smooth. I mean, its been rough. But you know what wasn't rough? Ordering my thank you cards. I had originally thought I would just buy some of the pre-made thank you cards in the store but as I searched for them I didn't really see anything that I thought was worth spending a lot of money on.

I then remembered that one of my internet friends, Ashley, had a design business (Little Leaf Design) and she had made some great thank you cards for another friend. So I contacted her and she speedily gave me a very reasonable quote and just like that we were on the path to designing thank you cards for the wedding as well as my bridal shower.

Ashley sent me a fun questionnaire to get a better feel for what exactly I wanted. After she received that she sent me color swatches and sample designs. Once we had all that firmed up the thank you cards were in the mail and on their way to me. It was almost too simple compared to the craziness of the rest of the wedding planning. I was so pleased with the designs that were totally unique to me-she really did a great job!

So if you are looking for design of any kind I suggest you give Little Leaf Design a look.

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