Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lululemon Align Ultra Mat

I am becoming quite the yoga enthusiast these days. After finding out that my first ever yoga mat was made with carcinogens I decided I needed to upgrade to a user/earth friendly mat. I decided on the Lululemon Align Ultra Mat. It was nice and lightweight and came in pretty colors so i decided to buy it.

The honeymoon phase with this mat did not last long at all. Midway through my first class with the mat it began to twist and bunch beneath my feet while I was in the warrior poses. Talk about frustrating! I decided to stick it out anyway and continue to use the align mat. Well after about two months of sticking it out I noticed that the textured "bumps" on the mat were flaking off leaving me with lime green (the color of my mat) bumps all over my yoga pants at the end of class.

The flaking got so bad that eventually I wore a hole in the mat where my feet go during downward dog! And this was after not even a year of use-more like 8 months!! So I must give the Lululemon Align Mat a big fat negative review. I do not recommend it, not even a little.

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Kristie said...

This is good to know! I have a Manduka mat that I really like. It's quite bulky but has held up to everything I've put it through.