Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flying Duck By Hyper Products

Frankie recently hurt his leg (oh and for those of you just tuning in, Frankie is my adorable english bulldog.)
See told you he is flippin adorable. Well anyway, Frank managed to tweak his leg and the vet ordered that he be confined to small spaces (i.e. his crate and such spaces). Well as you can imagine this made me really sad, so what does any guilty mom do? Buy their baby new toys!

I headed to Target's dog isle and bought Frank a "Flying Duck" by Hyper Products.
Frank has a love for ducks. He has 3 stuffed ducks that he plays with constantly. I really like the duck by Hyper Products because it seemed to be made out of a nylon-like material which seemed like it would last longer than the plush ducks that he already had.

Well I was wrong. I gave Frank this duck and he LOVED it! However, he was able to tear open both wings and take out squeakers that were inside. This is really scary because if he put those squeakers in his mouth he could have easily choked on them. This freaks me out like no other.
So unfortunately I don't recommend this product to other dog owners because of the choking hazard, which is a shame because Frank really liked playing with this toy.

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